The humble shall see God. The St Irene Mission’s pioneer, Fr Constantinos Eliud, was born and brought up by quite humble and God-fearing parents. He was raised in accordance with Orthodox doctrines and was educated by the church from elementary level to tertiary level. He was born alongside one brother and three sisters, but surprisingly enough, he had quite unique traits, unlike the rest. It is clear his humble background strengthened his positive attitude towards supporting the vulnerable in the society and this characteristic reflects a man naturally made and created with Lord given love.

Service to humanity is one cornerstone whose bliss of positive attitude reflects the true character and the teachings of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Having been brought up holistically by the Orthodox Church motivated him to establish a mission centre to help the needy/vulnerable children as a way of giving back to society, spreading the orthodox faith in the region and bettering their lives now and future for them to feel equally worthy in this life.

He, therefore, met His Eminence Archbishop Makarios who took the youthful Fr Constantinos to the Makarios III Seminary and by the grace of God and intervention of his spiritual father now His Grace Bishop Neophytos (Then the dean of seminarians at Makarios III Seminary), he was ordained into the priesthood and given the name Fr Constantinos by His Eminence Archbishop Makarios. Before his ordination, he was known as Mr Muthiru.

Fr Constantinos thereafter rejoined Presbytera Theresa at St Irene mission centre and resumed full responsibility of taking care of the vulnerable children at the orphanage together with other like-minds comrades, and this gave more light towards the “purest golden heart” to humanity. Glory to God he was then able to execute his pastoral duties of leading prayers, administering the sacraments, providing spiritual support to parishioners, and overseeing the daily operation of the mission centre/orphanage. He is now the father in charge and director of St Irene Orthodox Mission Centre & Orphanage.

Having founded this prestigious orphanage in 2010, the Orthodox community from different parts of the world have always stretched their merciful hands towards the mission centre’s success and through their support, we have been able to provide education, shelter, clothes, food and healthcare to the kids at the mission centre & orphanage.

At St Irene mission centre, the orphanage gives Fr Constantinos more strength in serving the most vulnerable in society. Fr Constantinos’ rise in his service to humanity, has been applauded and admired by many locally and internationally. This cherished reflection needs to be taken as a profound study, by all of us who love Jesus and his humane teachings. Fr Constantinos’ golden heart will definitely take him far in his illustrious life. He shall out-rightly leave a quite envious rich legacy here in this life, and his kind-hearted character will for generations to come make indelible footprints.

“To this effect, St Irene Mission Centre & Orphanage as this is its official identity has over the period of time been the haven of hope for the orphans, desperate and vulnerable children and teens.”


St Irene mission centre needs to appeal to all key humanitarian stakeholders across the globe, to come forward and be part of our success in making our cause not only flowery but real bliss in the flames of victory. Extending one’s hand to these children, will not only be recognized here on earth but shall put a new golden feather to one’s heart and soul in eternity.

Thanks and be blessed.