St Irene mission centre has over the years since its inception been shaping up the lives of vulnerable children and more importantly the orphans. Many programs have been executed here and amongst them is the feeding programme. It’s common sense that there can never be any existence without food. It’s a basic need and it’s quite pivotal in life sustenance. Therefore, at St Irene mission centre, we feed our children with a relevant diet. We buy and incorporate other like mind stakeholders, in support of food supply and other essentials that abide with humanities. To this effect, we urge all esteemed readers of our chronicled literature on the development of St Irene’s journey to excellence to chip in and give us support. Your presence either physically, spiritually (prayers) or via your contribution shall be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Be blessed.

Feeding Program for Orphans & Vulnerable Children

Starvation is a grim reality for children around the world. Starvation not only takes lives but is also the culprit for disease, depression, suicide, and desperation which leads to crime, loss of energy, along with a wide range of health problems. The problem is increasing and taking more lives than ever before. Our team works with those in the program to provide counseling, educational opportunities, and continual spiritual mentorship – bringing hope, love, and guidance. With some generous support from friends like you; we have been able to provide meals daily to 257 kids in St Irene Orthodox Mission Centre & Orphanage.

Be Part of It

The orphanage feeds 200 vulnerable children with three meals daily ie  break fast,lunch and supper.
Fr Constantinos depends entirely with donations to feed these children.
Donate $1 per child daily
Donate $7 per child weekly
Donate $30 per child monthly
Donate $200 daily for all children

Donating to St. Irene Orthodox Mission means you make lives better for vulnerable children at St Irene Orthodox Mission & Orphanage in Kenya. We are proud that 92.8 percent of donations go straight to supporting our service projects.. Your financial help makes all this happen, and more.

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