Celebrating Constantine and Helen Name Day

A Heartwarming Tradition

May 21st is always a festive and significant day for the Orthodox Church as we commemorated Saint Constantine, the visionary founder of Constantinople, and his revered mother, Saint Helen. At St Irene’s, this day known as Constantine and Helen Name Day, is a time of celebration, reflection, and bonding.

A Day of Joy and Tradition

On this special day at St. Irene’s, we marked this special occasion with heartfelt joy and deep communal spirit. Father Constantinos, whose name day it is, played a pivotal role in our celebrations. His presence added a special touch to the day, reminding us of the rich heritage and values that Saints Constantine and Helen embody.

A Special Lunch at the Orphanage

One of the highlights of the day was the special lunch we shared with the children at the mission center. This tradition of gathering and sharing is more than just a meal; it’s an expression of love, care, and hope. The children, brimming with excitement, brought life and energy to the celebration.

We believe in sharing the little we have, and this commitment is beautifully embodied in our interactions with these young ones. Watching them grow, thrive, and move towards successful futures fills our hearts with immense joy and pride. Their smiles and laughter are the true essence of this celebration.

Father Constantinos: A Pillar of the Community

Father Constantinos, a beloved figure in St Irene Orthodox Mission Centre and Orphanage, not only led the prayers but also actively participated in the day’s events. His dedication to the orphanage, church and the community is unwavering. On his name day, he exemplified the spirit of giving and nurturing that Saints Constantine and Helen are known for.

Reflections and Future Aspirations

As we celebrated today, we also took a moment to reflect on the values that guide us. The legacy of Saints Constantine and Helen is one of faith, perseverance, and benevolence. These values inspire us to continue our efforts in supporting and uplifting those in need.

We look forward to many more such celebrations, where we come together in unity and love. Each year, this day serves as a reminder of our shared heritage and the importance of nurturing the future generations.

Support Our Mission

If you wish to contribute to our ongoing efforts to support the children at the orphanage, we invite you to make a donation. Your generosity helps us provide food, education, and a nurturing environment for these children, ensuring they have the opportunity to grow and succeed.

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Your support is invaluable, and together, we can continue to make a difference in these young lives. Thank you for being a part of our community and sharing in the spirit of Constantine and Helen Name Day.