Christ in our midst.

I was brought up by Orthodox parents from childhood, I felt motivated to serve in the Orthodox church as a priest. Similarly, I was serving as an altar boy from my tender age, and seeing my priest serving in the faithful I admired and prayed to God that one day would do the same and now here I am serving the Lord.

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Drought a Great Enemy at Our Mission Center
Kenya is in danger of hunger. St Irene Orthodox mission center and the orphanage is so much affected by the drought and frost that we have been experiencing since January 2019. Exactly two years ago Archbishop Makarios has declared too in a letter that he gave to me as a blessing of sourcing donations worldwide in relation to a drought that had hit Kenya then. This time it is even tougher.
Drought is the greatest enemy that we are facing in the mission center & orphanage. Children are really suffering in different ways:

a) Lack of enough water to use in the mission center
b) Lack of  enough food (we skip lunch)
c) Other costs have incurred i.e transportation of water from a far distance
d) Outbreak of diseases

The sun has almost sets but I cannot stay at the orphanage because instead am forced to go in search of water for use at the orphanage. We embark on a five-kilometer walk to a nearby river Chania in search of the precious commodity (ie. water) Since a nearby seasonal river has dried up and crops have been affected by heavy frost that has affected us for the last two weeks.
Through donations from willing donors, we managed to sink a borehole at St Irene Orthodox Mission Center and Orphanage last year; Although we cannot get water from it since we still need a Pump and a 6 Meter Elevated Water Tower. This would cost us $41,144.70

It is my humble and sincere request to you all please consider donating to St Irene Orthodox mission and orphanage PayPal account in our website. or else in our mission account:

Name: St Irene Orthodox Mission Center
A/c no:1200959485
Swift code:KCBLKENX.

Your $1,$10,$100,$1000 $200,$300,$500 and the like help me to feed, clothe, and shelter orphans, vulnerable children, both infected and affected by HIV/AIDs.

God bless you as you extend your hand to this noble mission.

Spare your one bottle of soda and help one orphan.
Live many years
Looking forward to your help.
Yours in Christ
Fr Constantino’s Eliud Muthiru