Yesterday, August 1, 2018, the Orthodox Mission Center and St. Irina Orphanage had extensive drilling work on a deep well. Up to now, water supplies were made from a 20-kilometer-long river, but neither the quality of the water nor the quantity they needed could be permanently secured. The water spring was found at a depth of 250 meters by a drilling team in Njabini.

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“It is a real wonder that we managed to drill a shaft, and especially at this depth. Until now, we had to go 20 kilometers, with the help of donkey carts, to the nearest river to get some water. Most of the rivers in the area are seasonal, however, indicating that there is no constant water supply.

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The village [LO: Dagoretti] and the school [LO: about 10km from the institute] had a lot to suffer over time because they did not have access to enough clean water for children and households. The excavation funds came from the donations of believers all over the world. We now hope, with the help of God, to find support again so that we can raise a tower, get a reservoir and install pipes “, confessed us a little while ago, Father Constantinos Eliud Muthiru, director of the Orthodox Missionary Center and Saint Irina Orphanage, and minister of St. Nectarios and St. Irina, the institute.

This was attended by IPS Father Macarie, Metropolitan Keniei and PS Neophyte, Bishop of Nyeri and Mount Kenya, who were present throughout the excavation. PS Neophyte Father is the first native Kenian Orthodox Bishop.

After completion of the drilling, a team of specialists tested the quality of the water and also consulted each member of the institute.

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Finally, Father Constantinos Eliud Muthiru, director of the Holy Irina Institute, celebrated the water sanctification service.

The Saint Irina Missionary Center was born in 2010 at the initiative of Pr. Constantinos Eliud Muthiru and Priest Teresa Jepchumba. The Institute is located in Njabini, southern Kinangop region, Kenya. There are currently 165 vulnerable children in the institute, of whom 72 are orphaned – a donation account can be found at .

Below you can watch some video fragments recorded throughout the day and a photo album made on this occasion, offered exclusively to the Orthodox LOCATION News Agency, by our correspondent in the area, Pr. Constantinos Eliud Muthiru.

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