From Vision to Reality: St Irene Orthodox Church Consecration in Kenya

Today, my friend Anna Blakicka and I had the privilege of visiting Archbishop Makarios of Kenya at the Makarios III Seminary. The purpose of our visit was twofold – to present a thoughtful gift from Poland to His Eminence and to prepare for the much-anticipated consecration of St Irene Orthodox Church scheduled for next week on the 26th of January.

During our time with Archbishop Makarios, he graciously shared anecdotes from his youthful years, particularly his encounters with St Sophranios. At the tender age of 20, Archbishop Makarios dreamt of becoming a musician. However, St Sophranios played a pivotal role in revealing God’s plan for him, shaping him into the esteemed figure he is today.

Archbishop Makarios, accompanied by two fellow bishops, will lead the consecration ceremony at St Irene Orthodox Church, a significant milestone for the mission center.

The journey to building this church has been a testament to the collective efforts of people worldwide. The dream has now become a reality, and the timing of the consecration aligns perfectly with Archbishop Makarios’ visit.

Reflecting on the church’s history, Anna Blakicka’s connection with Kenya began five years ago during her first visit to Africa. Through divine guidance and online research, she discovered St Irene’s. Her initial visit left a lasting impression as she received a warm welcome from the mission center and orphanage children. Little did she know that this experience would lead to a greater calling.

The idea of constructing a permanent church was born out of Anna’s desire to provide a dignified space for worship. Today, St Irene Orthodox Church stands proudly as a symbol of faith and determination. Anna’s return to Africa marks her second visit, this time to be part of the historic consecration day.

As we celebrate the completion of this remarkable journey, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who played a role in turning this dream into a reality. May God bless each contributor, and may St Irene Orthodox Church serve as a beacon of faith for generations to come.

Fr Constantinos Eliud Muthiru