Do you ever find it stressful to decide what to pack your child for school? If so, you’re not alone.

It can be incredibly difficult to provide a different lunch for your child every day while meeting their dietary needs, struggling with finances, and adhering to their food preferences. In this blog, I will discuss the incredibly challenging task of our dining facility, with a particular focus on the daunting demands placed on our mission center with multiple children. Moreover, I will also discuss the inspiring example of making school lunches possible for the 257 children in St. Irenes who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Nutrition is important for children’s growth and development. At St. Irene, we ensure kids are getting the most out of each meal by having high proteins for muscles and brains to develop. Vegetables packed full of nutrients and carotenoids are also part of the diet for a full and healthy stomach and a clear, alert mind. Our goal is to provide a well-rounded meal that is more than just a full stomach but also nourishes the brain.

There is no designated dining hall, so taking lunch outdoors has become the norm. It can be fun when the weather is conducive, but when the weather is harsh, outdoor dining is inevitably difficult. This means children take their meals back to the classrooms. We hope to one day provide a proper hall so these children can experience a much better lunchtime experience. Until then, we’ll continue striving to make meaningful improvements to their meals.

Providing meals to all 257 kids, as said earlier, is quite challenging. At times I am forced to buy very cheap food and the menu rarely changes, forcing us to serve the kids with very simple recipes. Just consider how much a child in need can benefit from an easy recipe of beans, vegetables, and rice. This means the world to a child in need in St. Irene’s. It’s a low-cost, nutritious food that can delight the taste buds and provide lasting hunger relief while having a positive environmental impact. Who knew something so small could have such a powerful social impact? By providing a nutritious meal to the children, we can rest assured that they will have improved health, higher energy levels, and an overall quality of life.

‘We invite you to join our mission to provide kids in need with nutritional and balanced diets. Your generous donations will go a long way toward developing healthier children. Together, we can make a better future for all.’

By Fr Constantinos Eliud