A Journey of Faith: From Grandfather’s Legacy to Orthodox Priesthood

As I reflect on the recent memorial service for my late Grandfather Eliud Muthiru, I am reminded of the profound impact he had on my life and spiritual journey. Named after him, I cherish the connection we shared, especially in the realm of faith.

Back in 1990, an Orthodox priest entered our neighborhood, welcomed by my grandfather. Little did we know that this encounter would lead to a transformative journey into the Orthodox faith. Grandfather Eliud embraced this newfound spirituality, eventually urging every member of our family to partake in the sacrament of Holy Baptism.

At the tender age of 6, I was among the first to be baptized in the Orthodox Church. This marked the beginning of my involvement in the church activities as an altar boy, standing beside the priest during the Divine Liturgies. The experience ignited a spark within me, cultivating a strong desire to serve God more profoundly.

Over time, my journey unfolded through various roles – from a dedicated reader to a committed deacon. Each step deepened my connection with Orthodox traditions and strengthened my resolve to dedicate my life to the priesthood.

Today, I stand as a testament to the seeds of faith planted by my grandfather and nurtured by the Orthodox priest who became an integral part of our lives. The journey from a 6-year-old altar boy to a fully ordained Orthodox priest has been marked by passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to serving the divine.

As I remember Grandfather Eliud with gratitude and reverence, I recognize the profound influence he had in shaping my spiritual path. The legacy of faith continues to guide me, and I am honored to carry forward the torch of Orthodox tradition that was passed down through generations.

In this blog, I share my heartfelt journey – a testament to the power of family, faith, and the enduring impact of a grandfather’s love and commitment to God.