When Father Constantinos relocated to his current home in Njabini South Kinangop, there was no orthodoxy in the area. By virtual of his Christianity origin, he was brought up as an orthodox Christian and has never looked back. His inborn philosophy is to nurture humanity and transform the lives of the most vulnerable children within the community.

Together with his beloved wife Papadhia Teresa, in their shabby-looking rented single room single-handedly incepted what today is celebrated as St Irene Orthodox church. They would celebrate the Divine Liturgy in the simple rented home with a hope for a better church in the future. He later discovered a lonely deserted building which he rented and transformed into a mission center & orphanage and identified two classrooms where he would then conduct the Divine Liturgy.

He further incepted a now-recognized orphanage with sound repute. Currently, Father Constantinos has a permanent church built with donations from well-wishers across the board. Today, the St Irene Orthodox church transformation in the area has immensely changed the face of this area. The residents and especially the children feel the great change has already punctuated the horizons of their premises. To this effect, development has already settled in the area and people both within and outside the mission center feel the impact of orthodoxy and eventually, a good number of them including many children in the orphanage have been baptized thanks to the newly built St Irene Orthodox Church.