Borehole Drilling – Achievement Complete

When we first appealed for support to drill bore-hole, we did not only hope and trust that you would all make a necessary contributions and prayers towards the success of the project but you marched together with us till the end of this very vital project. Its not only the kids at the mission center who have benefited but even the neighborhood and beyond. Through your massive support we were able to buy pipes, solar panel installation and other water supply accessories. A state of the art water tower is also built on the premises and water tanks are highly raised in order to make the gravitational force more acute and make the water flow easier for the use at the mission center and for the people quite opposite to the central locational area.


Land Purchase – Achievement Complete

In our future projections we are now intending to relocate the school from the temporarily rented premised  to our permanent land. St Irene Orthodox Mission Center now owns a three acre piece of land where we intend to build a permanent school and dormitories for the kids. That’s why we are once again appealing for your support in any ways possible to ensure our focus and goal have come true. Through your tireless efforts in bid to nourish humanity, we have been able to buy 3 acres piece of land and we are already building a church on it that is about 60% complete. It is on this same piece of land that we intend to build a permanent school too.

Our request to you is to kindly chip in towards this noble projection and change the lives of many needy kids at the mission center. To make thorough impact in this humane related activity we as St Irene Orthodox Mission Centre & Orphanage family wish to call upon you all to come forward and give us strong support in the Name of Holy Trinity.


Church Construction – In Progress

We are blessed by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Over the years, we have least words to thank all our well wishers, stakeholders and our Lord given development partners across the world. We stand to give you special congratulations. Church construction had been one of our major prospects as we laid down our near future projections by the time we acquired our land. We gave priority to house of worship because we knew there would be no life foundation in our society without remarkable divine power. Having had such knowledge with us we therefore through the people of goodwill embarked  on this construction, whose architectural set-up is in the state of the art that befits world class modern construction. We had estimated the total construction cost to extend to $45,000 and we are happy that our Lord Jesus Christ haven’t forsaken us. Over a short period since we collectively begun this noble initiative we managed to have had a good progress so far. We thank you all and at the same time appeal to you all to come forward and continue giving us support so that we can accomplish this and other equally important projects. Be blessed..


St Irene Orthodox Mission Centre & Orphanage School

We intend to build the school in phases so as to make it easy for the mission center to build the structures affordably.  The school is estimated to cost 480,000 USD to complete.

Currently Facility

Proposed Facility

Destitute children will have quite conducive environment, that shall oversee smooth learning environment and better play-grounds.  God bless you all. We love you heartily and in the name of our the Holy Trinity we urge you to continue giving us support and financial back-up so as to make us deliver more diligently towards changing lives.