Kenya has made many great advances, but poverty and prejudice continue to exclude many people from accessing the opportunity that is education.

Kenya ranks among the more peaceful and most prosperous of African countries. It has experienced over 50 years of peaceful and stable government. It has also seen impressive economic expansion and stable growth.

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Unfortunately, not everyone benefits from the opportunities available within this country. While some people have a high standard of living, there are also those whose circumstances are as desperate as you would find in the most unstable and poverty-stricken of countries.

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In our locality, many of the poorest children are not able to benefit from education because there are few public primary schools and almost no secondary schools. Instead, children attend low-fee private primary schools where the quality of education is quite poor making it very difficult to continue to secondary school. There are also limited opportunities for alternative and vocational education, leaving 50% of boys and 80% of girls without any identifiable way to earn an income in adulthood.

Why We Exist

St Irene Orthodox Mission Centre & Orphanage provides an opportunity to better understand the educational needs of the communities in our area, and in particular our neighboring community most of whom remain isolated from education opportunity.

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Our Commitments

Address challenges in formal education especially around increasing the transition from primary to secondary, incorporating special needs groups, and developing more learner-centred curriculum and teaching methods.

Advocate for the needs of excluded groups such as women and girls and people living with disabilities when working with communities and government.

Education is wanted and needed by needy children and with your help we can make it happen for them.

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