Many children in Njabini area fail to start school on the first day of school because they don’t have the appropriate school uniforms.  There are many families that simply cannot afford to purchase the required school attire for their children. Uniforms are considered a form of discipline that schools use to control student behavior and often promote conventional gendered dress. Kids are required to be in school uniforms at all times. Boys are also often required to have their hair cut short.

At St Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage we proudly accommodate all children. We strongly feel that all children should feel treated in same way.  A school uniform teaches kids to dress smartly and take pride in their appearance… Perhaps most importantly, a uniform means students don’t have to worry about peer pressure when it comes to their clothes. When everyone is dressed the same, worrying about what you look like isn’t so important.

Please make a donation and help St Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage purchase school uniforms for children in need at the Mission Center.   We want to help as many children as possible get the uniforms they need for a successful school year.

Help us buy uniforms for these little angels!!