• For being my pillar of strength
  • For the countless bedtime stories
  • For the piles and piles of laundry
  • For taking those classes to provide for a better future
  • For sharing your beautiful fashion sense with me
  • For washing behind my ears
  • For taming my unruly hair
  • For choosing life
  • For Bringing me up as a God fearing child
  • For your healing touch
  • For making me eat my fruits and veggies
  • For being the best jump rope spinner on the block
  • For showing up for the big moments …
  • For teaching me the power of prayer
  • For the early morning school routine
  • For Every. Single. Day.
  • For being the smartest homework checker I know
  • For meeting my needs even when they are special
  • For winning every tickle fight
  • For putting me in those much-needed timeouts
  • For teaching me how to provide for a family
  • For always making me take my medicine
  • For walking me to school every day. Uphill. Both ways
  • For teaching me the value of hard work

… and making me strong.

For LOVING me!

For Mother’s Day this year, take a moment to thank that powerful, gracious, funny, loving, intelligent, and caring woman who made a difference in your life.

Write a thank-you note in the comments below, telling her which moments you’re most grateful for. Then share this post with her!

Happy Mother’s Day!