As COVID 19 pandemic continues to bite hard the cost of living is becoming more and more unbearable world-wide. St Irene Orthodox Mission Centre and Orphanage continues to play central role in making lives easier to handle in this most trying times. Our mission center starts with a word of thanks to those entire God’s people whose hearts were touched by His mercy for humanity and gave us support.

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The heartily felt contributions towards lives transformations in our area and most specifically the mission center have not only made remarkable impact as far as social, economic and educational pursuit a success for past years.  Education being one of our selfless determinations to salvage our young generation from the craws of illiteracy, ignorance and in lack of survival skills has thrived successfully and that’s why today we stand upright and salute you all my fellow Christians for your tireless boosts to both our mission and vision towards transformation of lives.


Slightly reflecting back to the very recent past our good supporters, we in the same spirit here in our pages, we gave chronology of events as far as development initiatives are concerned and in the same spirit of hearty appreciations to what you have done for us so far have been well reserved in our hearts’ stocks for future references our God’s people.

In our school farm, we have launched an Agricultural project that will enable our children to survive during their academic times for the up-keep and for food supply within our locality in our bid to make economic balance well achievable. As we reflected in our last memo as far water storage and usage. We are looking purchase two large water tanks (as shown in images below) with a capacity of 20,000 litres to ensure water shortage will never be part of our problem in the near future.

Therefore we are appealing to you all to come to our aid in installing a modernized water tower where will place two large water tanks in order to make water flow more efficient and piping technology easier.

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As you have all stood by this organization we therefore appeal to you all as God’s people to chip in and have this noble project take off from where you all have made us to be. Building a six meter steel elevated water tower, piping works and purchasing two large water tanks is all we need your support for. This will cost us USD 8,000 only.

Please extend your hand of mercy by donating to our mission center.  May the God who sees in the darkness bless you in all. Amen

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