Building Dreams: The Crucial Dormitory Project at St. Irene

Embarking on Hope: The Vision of St. Irene Orthodox Mission Centre & Orphanage

Our journey at St. Irene Orthodox Mission Centre & Orphanage began with a vision to provide a safe haven for vulnerable children. Today, as we witness the transition from temporary shelters to a permanent infrastructure, we reflect on the vital role of the Dormitory Project in shaping the lives of these young souls.

Genesis of Hope

Our journey commenced with humble beginnings, using makeshift wooden buildings as an initial refuge for the children. Recognizing the need for stability and permanence, we embarked on securing a foundation for their future. Through the unwavering support of generous donors, we acquired three acres of land, marking a pivotal milestone in our quest to build a brighter future.

Phase 1: Building Comfort, Building Lives

The first phase of the dormitory project aimed to construct 8 units to accommodate 160 children. Presently, six modern dormitory units stand tall, a testament to collective compassion and determination. Within these walls, 120 children will find comfort, security, and the sense of belonging they deserve. However, our journey faces a hurdle as only four ground floor units and two 1st Floor units are complete with two more units to go hindering the children’s full utilization of the facility. The two incomplete first-floor units in this phase require an additional $36,000 to reach completion

Phase 2: Fulfilling Dreams

In the next phase, St. Irene looks forward to fundraising and building 6 more units to accommodate the remaining population of children, making the accommodation problem a thing of the past for all 257 children in the orphanage.

Our Humble Appeal

We humbly appeal to the hearts of compassionate individuals and organizations to join us in overcoming this obstacle.

Your support will not only provide physical shelter but will also offer these children a sense of security and belonging that is priceless beyond measure.

Together, let us continue to sow seeds of hope and compassion, ensuring that every child at the St. Irene Orthodox Mission Centre & Orphanage has the opportunity to flourish and thrive in a nurturing environment. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, will make a world of difference in the lives of these deserving children.

*Join Us in Writing Their Brighter Future*

With gratitude and hope,
Fr. Constantinos Eliud