Feeding Program for Orphans & Vulnerable Children

Starvation is a grim reality for children around the world. Starvation not only takes lives but is also the culprit for disease, depression, suicide, and desperation which leads to crime, loss of energy, along with a wide range of health problems. The problem is increasing and taking more lives than ever before. Our team works with those in the program to provide counseling, educational opportunities, and continual spiritual mentorship – bringing hope, love, and guidance. With some generous support from friends like you; we have been able to provide meals daily to 257 kids in St Irene Orthodox Mission Centre & Orphanage.

The feeding program is classified as in-kind support to conditional welfare transfer whose aim is to incentivize the education of the children in the mission center. Thus, school feeding programs can be ascribed to the category of demand-side interventions in education. However, if we move away from the premise that school feeding is mainly meant to increase attendance, enrolment and retention rates, and instead consider that school feeding can also improve performance, as well-nourished children are better able to learn and participate in the learning processes.

Sponsor a Child

Humanity in any society is the epitome of excellence as far as global development is concerned. St Irene Orthodox Mission Centre & Orphanage has not only reflected such qualities and activities of humane development, but the mission center has also shed light brilliantly on humanity and the pure golden heart. So far, we have devised a unique mechanism for promoting this great art of transforming lives in the neighborhood.

As an institution that promotes and changes the lives of the most unfortunate children in our ever-expanding society, St Irene Mission Centre & Orphanage urgently requires your support in transforming their future.

We are able to help a Kenyan child experience a changed life altogether. Your sponsorship goes a long way towards supporting a needy child in the mission center & orphanage.

What does Your Support do?

  • Feeding the Children
  • Clothing
  • Academic Progress
  • Offering Shelter in a conducive learning environment
  • Spiritual Development and Mentorship
  • Healthcare

God’s blessings shall fall on your shoulders as we embrace your kind donations wholeheartedly and always pray for you.