Let’s Join Hands and Support the Needy Kids

In all African countries, some children – such as children with disabilities; orphans, abandoned children and other children without parental care; children heading households; homeless children surviving on the streets; children of marginalized or stigmatized ethnic and other minority communities; and other minority communities; refugee and internally displaced children; and children of indigenous communities; girls — live at the margins of society. They are vulnerable to human rights abuses and are at greater risk of neglect than other children. Poverty and violence often affect them more acutely than other children. Vulnerable children worldwide are specified in third-world countries in Africa and other continents rated by global economists as “The Unfortunate Nations” regularly carry the world media headlines.

All the same, Golden hearted people have never vanished from the face of the World. In Kenya today, St Irene Orthodox Mission Centre and Orphanage can be lauded for its humane mission in catering to such vulnerable children. We have housed not only such children but also devised new mechanisms in feeding programs and school facilities in a bid to give them get access to education and other necessities.

We aspire to ensure that every child grows up well-nourished and with access to the necessities of life. To survive and grow up to become adults, children need uninterrupted access to nutritious food; access to sources of safe drinking water; sanitation and hygiene; and shelter or housing.

Feeding these children and managing their upkeep is our central concern. The mission center houses 257 kids and manages to feed them, give them something to wear and educate them focused on a greater closeness to God. To help them stay healthy, these children need age-appropriate immunizations and regular preventive care which is also one of our major objectives at the mission center.

We are set on a course toward a different and better mission center. Today phase one of dormitories construction is in the final stages and phase two will commence immediately after this first phase is completed. The primary purpose of building the dormitories is to ensure that these kids live comfortably as we contemplate having the center gain academic momentum. We intend to develop a whole and fully fledged institution with an adequate academic atmosphere that can equally fit a fully equipped school enough to house all 257 kids.

St Irene’s main philosophy is being felt across our locality that a helping hand is a foundation for God’s grace. Let’s all join hands and support these kids for the ultimate success of our future generations.