Building the foundation for so much more

Imagine believing you would die before your community could drink clean water—burdened by an entire life of suffering. Animals defecate in the river where you gather water to drink, cook and clean. In the dry season, even this contaminated water is hard to find, so you must walk even farther—several hours a day—hauling water for your family from another dirty source.

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But just when you’ve given up hope, clean water changes your entire reality. Your community receives a safe well, sanitation and hygiene support to keep the water clean, and training to develop local leaders who will keep the solutions sustainable.


Water brings more than life. It brings hope. St Irene Orthodox Mission Center knows that kids at the orphanage and needy neighborhood needed just want a bore hole as a source of water.

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Please help. We can’t wait to provide water to the kids and restore life and cultivate a new generation of leaders to glorify God, the giver of life!

Now that pump-testing procedure has been completed we look forward to purchasing water pump & piping, installing electricity and building a water tower so that water can be accessed with ease at St Irene Orthodox Mission Center and Orphanage.

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